CorSpecs is an outsourcing company with complete knowledge-base of Core Measures abstraction. We are a company of healthcare professionals dedicated to helping you achieve higher reimbursements, and higher scoring results on all of your core measures.

Helping you Comply with Core Measure Reporting Requirements

Achieving good performance on core measures requires having dedicated staff in order to meet The Joint Commission accreditation, CMS Value -Based Purchasing requirements and publicly reported quality report cards like Medicare Hospital Compare. We understand hospitals are under financial and public reporting pressures stemming from core measures reporting. CorSpecs provides core measure data abstraction support services through the use of professional abstraction personnel in order to lessen the burden on your facility. We provide cost-effective, retrospective and modified concurrent abstraction solutions for numerous voluntary and mandated outcome measures via remote access to your hospital’s EMR and other applicable applications.

CorSpecs abstractors, mostly RN’s, have an average of 4 years experience in quality measure abstraction. Abstractors are validated through ongoing review and must maintain a minimum 95% accuracy on Core Measure inter-rater reliability (IRR) review on a quarterly basis.

Don’t use valuable resources and funds on processes that can be performed at a significantly lower cost while maintaining or surpassing quality and accuracy. CorSpecs can complement your existing Quality Assurance Department, so that your facility can have the comparative advantage. Give us a chance and we will prove our efficiency.

  • Reduce and control operating cost
  • Focus on areas that need improvement
  • Stay up-to-date on CMS and The Joint Commission changes
  • Free internal resources to focus on quality improvement initiatives
  • Accurate and timely abstraction

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